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The Gene Center of the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) carries out interdisciplinary research and teaching in the modern life sciences. Research at the Gene Center aims at a mechanistic understanding of biological processes and focuses on the expression of the genome. State-of-the-art experimental techniques allow for investigations on the structural/molecular, the cellular, and the organismic level of organization of life.
LAFUGA is a recently established integrated technology platform within the Gene Center of the University of Munich, consisting of the three departments Genomics, Proteomics and Model Organisms. Gene expression analysis on both the transcriptome and the proteome level is a powerful discovery tool for functionally relevant biomolecules. The algorithmic combination of molecular data with LAFUGA's dedicated animal models comprises a unique high-end facility for discovery and validation of gene function on an organismic level. Thereby, LAFUGA is able to provide the most sophisticated techniques for the elucidation of gene function, gene networks and systems biology to academic and industrial research partners.

web: www.lmb.uni-muenchen.de


Persons involved in the project:

Prof. Eckhard Wolf
Dr. Helmut Blum
Dr. Georg Arnold
Dr. Annegret Wünsch
Dr. Stefan Krebs