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The Anne McLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine (LRM), under the directorship of Professor Roger Pedersen, has been established in the School of Clinical Medicine to coalesce many of the School’s stem cell researchers in a single location, the newly refurbished West Forvie Building. The Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine hosts the MRC Centre for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, which is also under the directorship of Professor Pedersen. The MRC Centre plays a key role in the Cambridge Stem Cell Initiative, whose aim is to harness basic research with clinical expertise to develop therapies for human diseases. The Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine provides infrastructure and research resources for the Centre, including generation and analysis of human pluripotent stem cells, production of human gene targeting vectors, and provision of advanced widefield microscopy for stem cell imaging.

Web: www.stemcells.cam.ac.uk


Persons involved in the project:

Professor Roger A Pedersen
Dr Andreia Bernardo
Dr Matthew Trotter
Dr Kate Quinlan